An ode to the iPhone

A young woman tweets a message in this CNS file photo. (Paul Jeffrey/CNS Photo)

I used to kiss my wife when I woke up; now I roll the other way and check my notifications.

I used to read in bed; now I play a few rounds of Candy Crush.

I used to talk to people while waiting in line; now I read a blog.

I used to build mental strength when exercising; now I drown my thoughts streaming a Pandora station.

I used to entertain a cranky child; now I put on a YouTube video.

I used to write in the evenings; now I peruse BuzzFeed articles (number 4 was soooo amazing).

I used to call people for their birthday; now I send them a text with an emoji.

I used to read Aristotle when going to the bathroom; now I check Facebook.

I used to enjoy special moments; now I am too busy capturing them with a camera.

I used to thank God for the many blessings in my life; now I am consumed with comparing my life to others.

I used to relish quiet moments by myself; now in solitude, I feel the urge to check my phone. 

I used to prioritize intellectual, social, and religious pursuits; now I own an awesome smartphone.

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