Amen essay reflects self-centered approach

For working moms, ‘balance’ is a lie” by Staff Writer Maria Wiering reflected an off-center view of marriage.
The only mention of her husband was his “You look nice” compliment as she rushed out the door when returning to work for the first time following maternity leave. The rest of the piece was her lonely muse on forgetting to kiss her baby goodbye and the tension she felt between work and family.
Her conclusion was all about her. There were so many references to herself that I began to wonder where her husband was in the discernment process. As it turned out, he was nowhere – a nonparticipant in her decision-making process. Her conclusion was to embrace the tension between necessary work and left-behind family as best she could and remember to kiss the baby.
Perhaps if she and her husband spent time together, as they should, to justify what each was doing for the common good of their family, their united discernment would enable each to pursue what they had to do with less tension, more self-respect and a greater appreciation of their marriage relationship. 
Jim Devereaux

Catholic Review

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