Proper Forms of Address

Person or Office

Direct Address

Envelope Address

Cardinal Your Eminence His Eminence (first name) Cardinal (last name)
Archbishop or Bishop Your Excellency Most Rev. (full name), D.D.*
Prelate of Honor Monsignor Rev. Monsignor (full name)
Chamberlain of His Holiness Monsignor Rev. Monsignor (full name)
Priest Father** Rev. (full name)*
Brother Superior Brother Brother
Brother Brother Brother (name)*
Mother Superior Mother Mother (name)*
Sister Superior Sister Superior Sister (name)*
Permanent Deacon Deacon Deacon (name)*

Rural Deans and superiors of religious communities have the title of Very Reverend unless they already have a superior one, such as Rev. Msgr., etc.

* When the addressee belongs to a religious community, the initials of the community should immediately follow his or her name.

** “Msgr.” or “Rev.” should be added before names in the salutation of letters.