A sticky situation

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Is wearing an outfit made of duct tape out of line?  One Catholic school board thinks so.  Mike Seguin, assistant superintendent of education with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board in Canada, said the practice was banned at a popular hockey game after officials became concerned that the outfits were becoming increasingly immodest. Some students wore the duct-tape tops anyway and were suspended.

A number of female students from a high school in Windsor say they were unfairly suspended after wearing duct-tape uniforms in the stands during the annual Father Zakoor Catholic Cup hockey game.

Carole Farah, 17, said she was among eight girls suspended on their first day back to St. Joseph’s school after the Christmas break.

She said they were simply honouring a tradition that sees the Grade 12 students wearing the blue-and-yellow makeshift uniforms.

Carole said the girls wore shirts underneath the duct tape tops and didn’t show any skin.

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