A bit of advice and a slideshow for St. Margaret’s class of 2012

Just three years ago I walked in the same shoes as the 2012 eighth grade graduates of the St. Margaret School in Bel Air.  This time next year, I’ll be graduating high school. As a rising senior I can say that the time I’ve spent in high school has flown by.One piece of advice I would give to any incoming freshman is to take advantage of every opportunity you get in high school. Meet new people, join the various clubs offered at your school, try your best, and be yourself. High school has taught me many things about myself. I discovered that I have a great passion for service. I didn’t really seem interested in going on service trips until I tried a school sponsored trip to the eastern shore of Virginia for a Habitat for Humanity build the summer of my sophomore year. Because of that experience I applied and was gifted the opportunity to go on a service trip to the De La Salle Blackfeet school in Browning, Montana. I’ll be a peer minister next year, assisting with sophomore and junior retreats as well as participating in other religious and service related functions.

To elementary and middle school students: enjoy your time in primary and middle school. Become friends with your peers because chances are you’ll see them again throughout high school. I saw over 10 students I went to school with at St. Margarets at this year’s 8th grade graduation, some that I have not seen too much over the past three years. Also, work hard and do the best you can with your academic work. It will make your high school search less stressful.

Watch a slideshow of St. Margaret’s graduation below.  

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