7 Quick Takes Friday (The Sad Apple Edition)

— 1 —
Leo had to bring an apple to school yesterday. I picked out a red one and put it in the outside pocket of his backpack. I thought I told him where I had put it, but maybe I didn’t. Or maybe he was playing and didn’t hear me. I didn’t think much about it because I knew he would find it.
Leo got to school and everyone pulled out an apple—everyone except him. He couldn’t find it in his bag, so he thought he didn’t have one.
All the children got to have all kinds of fun with their apples, weighing and measuring them and learning tricks, according to Leo. But he had to share an apple with his best friend. At lunchtime the children ate their apples—well, all the children except mine. My child didn’t have an apple.
I learned this when I picked Leo up and asked how his day was. He started to get upset. “Why did you have to pack my apple in that pocket? I didn’t find it until I was packing my backpack to leave.”
It might not be my fault, but I still feel terrible. I can’t bear thinking of him sitting there sad, the only child in his class without an apple because he thinks his mother forgot to pack him one.
— 2 —
If you can see through the tears after that sad apple story, read this uplifting post on marriage:
This is my favorite part: “So if you are happy … if you love your spouse, if your kids bring you joy, if you are delighted with your family and if your life brings you satisfaction and contentment—oh, let it show. Tell people about it. Be happy in public. Let people know that you want to be together, that your marriage and your children are good things, that you enjoy them and are glad they are here. The world needs to see that.”
I especially enjoyed reading it because John and I will celebrate nine years of marriage next week. Apparently this year I’m supposed to get him a piece of pottery or leather or a trip to Mexico. I think we’ll go for a U-Haul rental instead.
— 3 —
I have a new position at work, and I’m quite excited about it. I am not someone who ever thought I would work outside the home while our children were young, but that is how my life has come together. I feel fortunate to work with an amazing group of people in a job I love and at a Catholic institution where family is valued. I am truly blessed.
And, when I saw some men doing their job installing a new cell phone tower the other day, I appreciated my job that much more.
— 4 —
Have I mentioned that I collect flyswatters? I have hundreds of them, thanks to a collection that started many years ago in college. But I didn’t have this one, which my supervisor and friend just gave to me. It’s rare that I get one I don’t already own, so I was astonished when she handed it to me. And I have it just in time for Ravens season.
— 5 —
Have you seen this ad? So beautiful.
— 6 —
I can’t recall where I stumbled across this blog written by a young woman who is working with orphans in China, but I love her posts and the glimpse she is giving me into her life. She has some beautiful images of mooncakes and fireworks for the local celebrations of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. We are hoping to celebrate with our boys this weekend.
— 7 —
Here’s a worksheet Leo brought home from school. Maybe we should all have to do this today—draw a picture of someone God made and loves.
A prayer request: In early August, I asked you to join me in praying for a family who had received troubling news. Since then, they have been on a difficult journey, with lots of worry and—thankfully—glimmers of hope, but this week they had more worrisome news. They truly need prayers. If you think of it, would you pray for them? And if you would like me to join you in praying for an intention, please just leave me a note. As our friend Fr. Tom once said, “Isn’t it wonderful that even when we aren’t together, we can do this for one another?”
Enjoy this beautiful weekend! And read more quick takes at Jen’s blog.

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