August 15, 2013

Archbishop William Lori, 1,200 Catholic Educators Gather Before Start of New School Year

Archbishop William E. Lori will offer his blessing on the new school year and on the 1,200 Catholic educators who will gather for the 2013 Catholic Schools Convocation, held at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, on Monday, August 19 at 9:15 a.m. The convocation, which will open with remarks by Dr. Barbara Edmondson, Superintendent of...
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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 24)

— 1 —Who was it who said, “You can never go home again”? That person didn’t move back in with my parents last weekend. There are delicious hot dinners every night, a wonderful yard where the children can play, a screened-in porch that catches these marvelous breezes, my sister Treasa’s abandoned
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