February 8, 2012

Watch: A new Ten Commandments… According To Second Graders

Welcome to the second part of our new video series where we talk with kids talking about the Ten Commandments.
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The church and the unions

Judging by the impassioned commentary from some Catholic quarters during recent confrontations between unionized public-sector workers and state governments, you’d think we were back in 1919, with the church defending the rights of wage slaves laboring in sweat shops under draconian working conditions. That would hardly seem to be the circumstances of, say, unionized American...
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Stained-glass spirituality: the power of Christ’s light

Implementing a Twitter firewall at home is a bit like asking a roommate to hide your Halloween candy.
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Martyrdom in Pakistan

Sixty-four years ago, on Aug. 14, 1947, Great Britain’s empire in the Indian subcontinent was divided into the independent, self-governing Dominions of India and Pakistan. The division of the subcontinent into two states was bitterly opposed by the Indian Congress Party and Winston Churchill, but supported by the Muslim League (with Congress, one of the...
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Cardinal Foley sheds light on archbishop’s new role

The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher may provide support for the bricks-and-mortar holy places in the Holy Land, but just as important – maybe more so – is its support for the living stones in the region, the living descendants of the original followers of Christ, says the recently retired head of the order.
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The gentlemanly art of the insult

One of the (many) signs of our cultural decline is that verbal insults, these days, are almost invariably scatological or sexual, provoking a blizzard of asterisks whenever A wants to put the smackdown on B. Once upon a time, it was not so.
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Father Barron’s ‘Catholicism’

In the fall of 1972, a group of us, philosophy majors all, approached our dean of studies, Father Bob Evers, with a request: Under the supervision of a faculty member, could we build a two-credit senior seminar in our last college semester around Kenneth Clark’s BBC series, “Civilization,” which had been shown on American public...
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Deacons reflect on Word of God

Monsignor James Hannon was a little intimidated by his assignment to preach the homily for the Archdiocese of Baltimore deacons’ convocation Oct. 1 in Potomac. The priest, who recently left his pastorate of a handful of parishes in Mountain Maryland to become associate director of the division of clergy personnel for the archdiocese, told a...
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Gala puts a human face on Catholic education

The sounds of a choir of Baltimore City Catholic schoolchildren and the Archbishop Curley High School drumline welcomed 1,100 formally dressed celebrants to the Baltimore Convention Center Oct. 22 for a gala dinner feting Catholic schools in the archdiocese.
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Prayer, meditation can help still a negative mind

The human mind has been referred to as a recording and playback machine. Sometimes I wish it didn’t record and play back certain things. What am I talking about?
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7 billion not too many for this planet

You’re one in 7 billion. According to UN estimates, as of Oct. 31, there are now 7 billion people on the planet (well, a few more each day since then). That’s a lot of people. Depending on whom you ask, that’s a good thing, or a reason to panic.
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Giving thanks for ‘all things in good plenty’

When Mary Chilton first spotted the New World in November 1620, the 13-year-old had been aboard the Mayflower for 10 weeks, stuck in the same clothes and cramped in dark, damp quarters among seasick passengers and dying goats. Each family was allotted one storage trunk for all their possessions.
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