August 20, 2011

How frenzied was the Pope’s arrival in Madrid?

MADRID- Pretty, pretty frenzied. I’ve never seen anything like it. The kids love “Benedicto” and “Il Papa.” Get a taste of how Baltimore anticipated him.
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Archbishop O’Brien’s prayer and hello to pilgrims

MADRID- Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien’s going to speak to the pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Mount de Sales and St. Mary’s High School tomorrow afternoon at World Youth Day to hear about their experiences, but I wanted to share this small snippet of his interactions with them today after the U.S. Mass. We join...
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These kids are buzzing with excitement in Madrid

Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien gathers with young people from all across the Archdiocese of Baltimore after the U.S. Mass at World Youth Day in Madrid. MADRID- It’s hard to explain how draining the last few days have been for the Archdiocese of Baltimore kids, who have been spiritually, mentally and physically tested. But, today, after...
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New video Series: Baltimore young adult joyful at WYD

Keisha Miles, a young adult from St. Veronica’s parish, was waiting for Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival in Madrid for World Youth Day and took some time to share how excited she was about being just 200 yards away from where the pope would speak to more than one million people.
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