December 4, 2010

No greater love

An off-duty police officer risked his life to save a stranger from an oncoming train at a Spanish metro station.  Talk about courage! [youtube=]
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Redemptorists tweet through Advent

The Redemptorists of the Baltimore Province are making it about as easy as it gets to read snippets of daily Scripture this Advent. Every day, they are sharing a short Bible passage on Twitter, Facebook and their website. Twitter only allows messages of 140 characters or less, so these messages are short and sweet!  In...
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Nativity leads the Advent Conspiracy

Nativity Full disclosure, my mother is a member of the Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Maryland. It's a unique parish that isn't afraid to be bold and different.The video linked below is the homily of Nativity's pastor, Father Michael White, last week. There are a number of reasons
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