November 30, 2010

Is ‘Superman’ Catholic?

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the ever-affable newly elected president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, made a recent appearance on “Fox and Friends.”  Using the national spotlight to plug Catholic education, the archbishop said a key to the success of parochial schools has been their accountability. “Our parents can choose or not choose to send their...
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Parents of murder victim offer forgiveness

In the nearly 14 years I’ve covered the State House in Annapolis, I’ve heard a lot of arguments for and against the death penalty. Proponents often insist the ultimate punishment deters violent crime and exacts justice. Opponents say it’s inhumane and unfairly targets minorities. Few people have provided more powerful personal testimony against the death...
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Len Bias’ mother speaks of pain and moving on

Few Maryland sports fans will forget where they were when they heard Len Bias died June 19, 1986. My aunt worked at Leland Memorial Hospital in Riverdale, where Len died. She called my mother to tell her the news. Len was a hero in my hometown. He went to Hyattsville’s public high school, Northwestern, and...
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Ravens come to Archbishop Borders

Baltimore Ravens kicker Bill Cundiff, possibly the 2010 team MVP,  and running back Matt Lawrence came to Archbishop Borders School in Baltimore City with a message Nov. 29: value your education. Cundiff said he lives by “three Fs” to succeed in the National Football League: family, friends and faith. “You guys can go great places...
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Christmas at Loyola

Advent calendars are a cherished part of Catholicism, especially with young people.  Baltimore’s Loyola University Maryland has an interesting web version, where each day promises something exciting. Check it out at Christmas at Loyola University.
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