November 20, 2010

Spotlight on APeX Ministries

Keynote presenters APeX Ministries are talented guys who can get you laughing one minute and pondering theologically in the next. I wanted to share some video flavor from their presentations so far. [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=]
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St. Paul Jedi Knight

Just had to share this. It’s a St. Paul hero trading card. Catholic Review photographer Owen Sweeney thinks George Lucas is already preparing a lawsuit. I’ll see if there’s a St. Peter Admiral Ackbar card.
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Bob McCarty and the challenge of discipleship

I’ll be writing more about this later, but Bob McCarty of the the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry is conducting a workshop right now that has kids engaged. It’s absolutely packed here. McCarty said disciples are called to step up. Disciples don’t hide. They step out. It’s an interesting challenge and refresher for teens...
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Joia Farmer performs at BYCC

As promised, here are some opening night hits from Joia Farmer [youtube=] [youtube=]
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BYCC opening

Joia Farmer and her band are rocking out, as about 500 kids donning masks are jumping up and down. You have to see this. We’ll have some videos later this evening. APeX is about to hit the stage after a welcome from Scott Miller.
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Images from BYCC

“The Pope” welcomes everyone to BYCC (image by Matt Palmer )         The cover of the daily newspaper here at BYCC (image by Matt Palmer) What's ahead of BYCC attendees tonight? (image by Matt Palmer) Parishes from around the archdiocese are arriving.
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