January 22, 2006

St. Vincent Pallotti

St. Vincent Pallotti was born to a noble family in Rome in 1798. He raised money for the poor and took care of the sick to the point of risking his own health. He began orphanages and agricultural schools. The teacher also began guilds. Vincent Pallotti founded the Pious Society of Missions (Pallottines). He died...
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Homily: Pro-Life Mass

Cardinal McCarrick, thank you for your welcome to this great Church, my brother bishops, thank you for coming again in such great numbers here. My sisters and brothers, pilgrims all in the cause of life, thank you for filling once again this great shrine. It is a place of prayer and hope. You come, all...
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Homilia en la Misa por la Vida

Como presidente del comité de actividades pro-vida de nuestra conferencia nacional de obispos, he podido ver a través de toda la nación, el trabajo incansable de muchas personas dedicadas a la gran causa por la vida con la esperanza de que tenga fin la maldición del aborto legal. Permítanme comenzar con la más profundas gracias...
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