Youth Ministry

Forming youth and those who accompany them into missionary disciples of Christ

What We Do

Empower Leaders

When God touches the heart of a young man or woman, he or she becomes capable of doing tremendous things. This Ministry helps the young of the Church to see in themselves all that they are capable of doing to make our world a better place in God’s plan.

Host Dynamic Youth Events

Through a variety of local to international events, we help young people to discover their faith as the principle that can guide their decisions and their future.

Sponsor Transformational Missions

The Youth Ministry office sponsors mission experiences that transform youth, enabling them to see all the love they are capable of giving, and helping them to hear Jesus’ call to leave their mark on history.

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Support Youth Ministry Teams

The Youth Ministry office provides local youth ministers with resources for accompanying youth. We train youth leaders, fostering their relationship with Christ and the Church, helping them to in turn bring their peers closer to Christ.

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