Top 15 ways to deal with a bridesmaid dress

It’s an honor when your best friend asks you to stand up in her wedding, but it also means buying a gown to wear on her big day. After you’ve fulfilled your bridesmaid duties, what do you do with the dress? Try these suggestions.

1.Donate your old bridesmaid dress to the Priceless Gown Project, which helps Baltimore-area girls – who cannot afford it otherwise – find a dress for prom.

2.Give it to your younger sister or cousin who may need a prom dress.

3.Alter it to make it a cocktail dress.

4.One photographer had clients model in bridesmaid dresses for nature photos in a state park. Maybe you can give it a shot.

5.If you really hated that orange dress with the lime polka dots that you wore to Cousin Suzy’s wedding – and you don’t think anyone else would want to wear it – then just trash it.

6.Cut up the dress to make fabric squares for a quilt.

7.Give it to a thrift store.

8.Wear it around the house just for fun.

9.Host an old bridesmaid dress party. Ask your friends to wear their old bridesmaid dresses, and eat dinner, relive memories and have fun in your dress for the last (or the first) time!

10.Hang it in the back of the closet and keep it for sentimental value.

11.Sell it in on e-Bay.

12.Make it a part of a little girl’s dress-up collection.

13.Start a collection to make your own film about bridesmaid dresses.

14.Put it on the floor next to the door to keep the cold air from coming in the room.

15.Wear it to a charity gala. You get another wear out of the dress, and you help a charity!

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