’Tis the day after Christmas


’Tis the day after Christmas. We’re all pretty tired,

Except for the boys, who are still rather wired.


For now they are napping all snug in their beds,

While visions of Superman run through their heads.

They’ve eaten their weight in sweet candy and fruit,

And one boy won’t change out of yesterday’s suit.

Santa? He came, and his reindeer did, too.

We know since they each took a bite—or a few.


 He left Legos and Batman and bullet trains, yes,


And movies and Play-doh and more stuff you could guess.


 Jesus? He’s here, snugly tucked in the hay.

And for days past the 6th, that’s where He’s going to stay.


The toys are all scattered. Some Legos we’ve lost.

And there might be some items we’d like to have tossed.

But the memories of Christmas will outlast the mess.

And the moments I’ll treasure are not hard to guess.


The look in their eyes on a new Christmas day;

Daniel’s joy for bananas from dear Santa’s sleigh;

How proud Leo was to give Baba a gift;

But, after the presents, my heart’s greatest lift

Came when Leo quite happily joined me for Mass,

Bringing Superman too, adding some extra class.


As Leo walked up the aisle, his hand holding mine,

“Mama,” he said, and I saw his eyes shine.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” and I whispered, “Yes,”

And it was—and it is—for despite the excess,


And the presents and parties and days packed with fun,

We can still find such peace and such love in God’s Son.

Catholic Review

The Catholic Review is the official publication of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.