Shared Wisdom: Advice for the John Carroll Class of 2013

The John Carroll Class of 2013 is graduating tomorrow. Where does the time go? It seems as if they were just freshmen….
Believe me, there has been excitement in the air all week:
Fourteen of our seniors returned from Roatan, Honduras on Saturday after serving there for a week at the Sandy Bay Children’s Home.  These seniors bonded with the over twenty orphans who live there, served at the area school  and a local clinic, and  and learned more life lessons than they thought possible. Read the blog they kept during their mission trip here.
On Wednesday we had our Senior Awards Assembly, followed by a class breakfast, graduation practice, and music rehearsal for Baccalaureate. Yesterday the seniors set up their capstone senior projects, along with reader run-throughs for Baccalaureate, practices by the Salutatorian and Valedictorian, and the evening Senior Showcase. 
I asked my Facebook network of JC grads to share advice with our newest group of alumni and this is what they had to say:
Dear Class of 2013:
As you begin the next stage of your journey, please know that the education you received at John Carroll will take you where ever your dreams will go!
I wish you all the best!!

Janet Sonneman
Class of 1971
Towson State, BA in Music Education 
For new graduates: whatever you do in college, make sure you take enough practical classes to get a job after school. Art degrees are a lot of fun,  but there are few jobs in the field. Take higher-level computer classes, or work on an accounting minor…do something practical with your time.
Laura Miedzianowski
Class of 1999
I hope that the JC class of 2013 always holds tight to the values and life lessons they learned while at JC because they helped make them into who they are today. I also hope that they never forget the memories they had at JC, there’s nothing better then coming home from school and meeting up with your JC friends and reminiscing about all the good times we had! Although they are all jumping to get out of JC now, in a year from now they will look back, smile, and say they’d go back and do it all over again! Best of luck class of 2013 you guys did it!
Sara Turks
Class of 2012
Penn State University student
Chemical Engineering major
Keep the relationships that you made at JC strong. Whether that is with teachers or just other peers. The teachers at JC care so much and will always be there to help you, and the friends you make will be some of the best friends you will ever have.
Stephanie Laird
Class of 2011
Campbell University student, Pharmaceutical Studies 
For our graduating seniors: Your parents love you so much. They sacrificed so that you would have the best foundation for your life – the John Carroll experience. Carry on what you have been blessed with. 
You are now forever a Patriot!
Judy Fritz
Class of 1980
Towson University 
Live your life with humility and gratitude–these are the keys to a positive attitude which will take you further than any grade or award. Accept all opportunities, obstacles, people, and situations with an open mind and an open heart and remember: “We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) These few things have led me on a path that has been greater than what I had ever dreamed for myself. 
Best wishes, Class of 2013!
–Ann Ploskonka 
Class of 2008
Goucher 2012
PhD candidate, UDel, Inorganic Chem
I have learned to take a nap after my 8 am class and that plenty of sleep is essential to learning.
Finding friends in college? Quite easy; students can easily find friends in their classes and orientation.
Elaine Jansing-Kaestner,
Class of 2012
Bellarmine University student 
Set the bar high and go after your goals. The opportunity is out there, you just have to envision what it is you want to achieve. Don’t ever say, “I can’t”, because that’s not true. Everything is there for the taking if you set your mind to it, and don’t ever let anyone else tell you that you can’t either. Keep strong, determined, and focused because all of us can do whatever we choose. 
What path will you take? What legacy will you leave? 
How will you help to create a stronger tomorrow for all?
-Andrew Kriss
Class of 2006
BS Business and Communications,
Juniata College
Volunteer somewhere- you will receive more then you give.
Liz Callahan Markline, Class of 77
In less than 24 hours our Baccalaureate Mass will have ended and the band will strike up the graduation processional while the John Carroll Class of 2013 moves on to their future.
May He hold them in the palm of His hand!!
God is good!! All the time!!

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