Seeking solutions from Towson Catholic closing

The history of Towson Catholic has members of my family written in it. After grade school, my aunts went to Franciscan schools run by the Philadelphia Franciscans. Three of our family were sisters in that community. The girls in our family went to The Catholic High School. In grade school many of us were schooled by the Daughters of Charity. Both of these orders of sisters were our teachers of merit. Today it is possible to obtain quality Franciscan education at two of the best high schools in the city, Catholic High and Archbishop Curley. I’d like to offer that as a goal for those students looking for a school.

The fact that Towson Catholic, which was so favorably supported by Immaculate Conception parish, should run short of funds was foreseeable. St. Dominic’s school, run by the Daughters of Charity, had to close because of finances, but it (the parish) has turned a corner by selling those buildings to a senior housing company. Maybe a critical study might reveal a similar remedy for Immaculate Conception. How many of the physical assets of the parish could be turned into functional assets that further the mission of the parish?

Catholic Review

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