Review fails to prioritize

Re “Year of the Dragon,” on the cover of the Catholic Review (Sept. 20). What happened to Year of the Priests or Year of Faith? We should be uniting in our faith especially now that we are under such blatant attack. From every avenue, we are being assailed. The Catholic Review has an obligation to unite Catholics and not publish headlines that are not even Christian.

The pro-life issue is so essential and under attack it should be blazoned in the headlines. Please do not try to compete with secular newspapers when you are working on faith. Is the reason this story is on the front page is because it raises money? Is that what the Catholic Church is about? The church has always worked with the poor and usually without a lot of money. 40 Days for Life started Sept. 26, Respect Life Sunday was Oct. 7, with Life Chains all over the archdiocese. October is the month of the rosary. These are important events that would make a better headline than what you put on the cover. Please try to promulgate the faith instead of raising money.


Mary C Buchheit

Fairfield, Pa.


Buchheit is a parishioner of St. Joseph, Emmitsburg.

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