Reader questions bishops

I will not be participating in the Fortnight for Freedom as I do not agree that my religious freedom is at risk. The American Catholic Church is in the stranglehold of reactionary careerist bishops who are jockeying for position. Clearly, this entry into the political forefront is fraught with problems. The main problem of course is that many Catholics aren’t buying into this playing of the victim card. If anything we should be praying in thanksgiving for the freedoms we currently enjoy.

Many of the problems experienced by Catholics in this country are a result of terrible decisions made by many members of the hierarchy. They have spearheaded an attack on the civil rights of our gay fellow citizens who wish to marry while ignoring the many problems that straight Catholic married couples are having. They are part of the reason American nuns are being “investigated” by the Vatican for so called lapses in doctrinal orthodoxy.

As I am on the other side of the bishops on all these hot button issues, the only way I can offer any significant protest is by terminating my financial support of the archdiocese and my parish.

Edward McCarey McDonnell


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