Photography intern tries his hand at iPhone photos


Creating good photos is getting easier every day. Not too long ago people were using film which wasn’t too attractive to those wanting to snap a photo every now and then. Today we have phones with high quality cameras and just about every camera on the market is capable of taking a good quality photo. One of my favorite photography-related quotes is from photographer Chase Jarvis. He acknowledges that “the best camera is the one you have with you.”

The convenience of a camera in a phone is what is so attractive now a days. If you follow The Catholic Review on Twitter you’ll notice they post lots of live photos such as a picture of the Pope or a behind-the-scenes shot. The nice thing about these photos is that they put you in the same room as the reporter. You know what’s going on and you’re caught up with the latest news. I took my turn at iPhone photography, and although not news-related, here are my results.


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