One woman’s nesting yields another woman’s treasure (maybe)

My husband and I are in that final “nesting” period before the baby comes. OK, maybe it’s just me, because his desk is a mess, and clearly no nesting is happening in that corner of our living room. (I told him he had to tidy it before the baby saw it, because the baby would not be impressed.)

As part of this nesting, we’ve cleaned out our closets and filled bags for donation. Because these bags have been known to sit around our house or in our car for unnecessarily long periods of time, I insisted that we drop them in a clothing collection bin ASAP.

There used to be one in our neighborhood, but it strangely disappeared several months ago. So, now the only one I know of is on Cold Spring Lane. My husband thought that was too far out of the way from last evening’s errands, so instead we cruised the parking lots between Charles Village and our place in Bolton Hill, hoping to find a bin.

No luck.

Which means that despite my ardent desire to donate these clothes, they’re sitting in my living room.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered that Planet Aid, a nonprofit that collects shoes and clothes, has a bin finder at, and there are several bins much closer than I thought. Find the nearest bin to you by typing in your ZIP code.

Much easier than driving around North Avenue playing spot the yellow box.

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