Mrs. Cheryl Schrull

(St. Philip Neri School)

Putting Faith Into Action

Mrs. Cheryl Schrull, a Social Studies teacher at St. Philip Neri School helps inspire her students by encouraging them put their faith into action. Mrs. Schrull recently integrated Catholicism into her Social Studies classes, by organizing a can good drive, while learning about world hunger. One of her students was so inspired, that he and his family made 200 sandwiched to feed the hungry on the streets of Baltimore on Thanksgiving Day. They also handed out sweatshirts and coats that the student had collected. The student also took a $40 gift card that he had received as a gift for his birthday, wrote a  note, and put into an envelope. His purpose was to give it away to someone who would need it more than himself.  Mrs. Schrull not only inspires her students but the parents as well!