Most Rev. Ambrose Maréchal S.S.

Titular Archbishop of Stauropolis – Third Archbishop of Baltimore

Motto: Auspice Maria. “Under the protection of Mary.”

Archbishop of Baltimore, Ambrose Maréchal was born of fairly prosperous parents at Ingré in the Diocese of Orléans, France, on December 4, 1768. Although destined by his parents to study law, he chose instead the priesthood. He entered the Society of St. Sulpice and was ordained in Paris in 1792. He immediately left to join the Sulpicians at the recently established St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. Initially assigned to the Maryland missions, he eventually taught at both St. Mary’s Seminary and Georgetown College before he was recalled to France in 1803. In 1812 he returned to teach at St. Mary’s Seminary until his appointment as coadjutor to Archbishop Leonard Neale of Baltimore. After Neale died, Maréchal was raised to the episcopacy as archbishop of the oldest American archdiocese on December 14, 1817.

To the Holy See he submitted the first truly comprehensive report on the Catholic Church in the United States. The most serious problem, he confided, was the number of schisms provoked by rebellious trustees. Maréchal had to contend with the schisms of Norfolk, Virginia, and Charleston, Sou