In spirit of service to the poor, bring back Beyond the Boundaries


Thank you for the article on social justice and the works of Monsignor William Burke, Father Donald Sterling and Father Peter Lyons.

Vatican II with its emphasis of the Catholic Church in the modern world called us to service and this is exactly what these priests have done in dedicating their lives to social justice for more than 40 years. It is in the service to the poor that they have shown us where to focus our attention.

It was through the efforts of Monsignor Burke and Father Sterling that the Archdiocese Program to deal with poverty and racism was started under the name “Beyond the Boundaries.” All churches were encouraged to become involved in this archdiocesan social justice program.

As stated in your fine article, the success of leveling the playing field for those individuals in society not so blessed depends on an active laity throughout the Baltimore region. It was through the archdiocesan Beyond the Boundaries Program that the bill for affordable housing was passed by the City Council and is now an effective force in dealing with new development in Baltimore City. The “Beyond the Boundaries Program was recently put on hold awaiting the arrival of Bishop Lori to our City, but bringing back this needed archdiocesan program would help Catholics in Baltimore to continue our commitment to social justice . It is hoped that Archbishop Lori will review this request to restart this needed program.  

Raymond D.Bahr MD 


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