How to add your event on

Please carefully follow the steps below in order to enter your events.
1. Go to and register for the site. (There are multiple places where you can click register, particularly at the top of the page)
2. Upon registering for our site you can actually enter and manage your events as a registered user. All you need to do is go to “News,” then “Events.” At the bottom of the page there will be an “Add New” button. From there you just follow along and fill in the necessary fields with information about your events.
3. When you are finished entering your information, click the “update” button that looks like a little disk on the lower right. (DO NOT click the Add new button, or you will simply erase everything you just entered.)
4. Your event will then be “approved” (typically within 24 hours) and appear on the site as soon as possible.
If you need help, email George Matysek at

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