Greeting at the Inauguration of Father Linnane

On behalf of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, I offer the most cordial of welcomes to Father Brian Linnane, as he takes up the responsibilities of leadership at Loyola. Father Linnane’s inauguration as the 24th President of Loyola gives us an occasion to reflect on the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s ties to the Jesuit community: the nation’s first bishop, Archbishop John Carroll, had been trained as a Jesuit in Europe. Under his leadership Benjamin Henry Latrobe Latrobe, the only Master Architect in those days in the United States, and the architect of the U. S. Capitol under Thomas Jefferson, volunteered to design the first Cathedral pro bono. Also our second bishop, another Maryland native, Archbishop Leonard Neale, had been a Jesuit.

In 1773, Pope Clement XIV dared to try to suppress the Jesuits, but the religious community persevered in existence in Eastern Europe. As Father Thomas McCoog, S.J., has pointed out in his stimulating study of the period, the Jesuits early on restored their English province, which included the United States. May the faith and conviction of those deeply committed Jesuits be an inspiration for Loyola and for all who study and serve at this distinguished Catholic institution.

I am delighted that Father Linnane will continue a tradition of Jesuit, Catholic education here at Loyola. Please God, he will be guided by the insights and strength he receives in prayer and also by the helpful advice of the members of his board.

Father Linnane, may the Lord of all mercies bless and advance your work of educating these young men and women “for the greater glory of God.” May you and the entire Loyola community continue striving for “strong truths well lived.”

Cardinal William H. Keeler

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