Give the true picture


Why give data (CR, Jan. 10) about how many Catholics are in Congress along with another photo of Nancy Pelosi? Why not give us the truth as to how these Catholic representatives really vote? Are they are in right standing with the church’s teachings or do they go along with the president, who supports intrinsic evils?

Your readers look to the Review for the truth and have a right to know. It should be made clear in reading, in simple language without any confusion to all of us who read your paper just what is the church’s position on many of these controversies. Telling us who is Catholic is not enough. Showing photos of Senator Mikulski with the archbishop (CR, Dec. 27) sends a very confusing message.

We want the truth and in particular the truth about the people who represent us.


Mary Jane Myers


Jan. 18, 2013 

Catholic Review

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