Football and Sunday don’t mix


The third commandment to Moses was/is “keep holy the Sabbath Day.” Every religion observes a Sabbath Day. It was once always observed, but not any more. It is replaced by the false god of football (in season). Church attendance is down. Preparations for “game day” begin before sunrise for the game and parties or attendance itself rule. For a few, too, it requires desecration of the body with paint and lewd exhibition.

There is nothing wrong with sports. It provides relaxation, participation and enthusiasm to cheer for a team. It provides, too, a unity of people from all walks of life, colors and creeds. On the other hand, there is a similarity to the days when Roman emperors led the populace to cheer feeding of people to the lions in the Coliseum.

That is something to think about, along with the many absentees at Sabbath services.


Richard L. Lelonek


Catholic Review

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