FOCA warnings came too late

A letter (CR, Nov. 13) pointed out that a non-political letter might have been delayed to make room for more important things. The same issue included an explanation of the horrible consequences of the forthcoming Freedom of Choice Act, the Obama campaign promise that will wipe out all restrictions against abortion on demand, and will force Catholic hospitals and medical workers to participate in abortions.

Why didn’t that detailed warning appear Oct. 1, in enough time for some voters to take it into consideration? Hardly anybody knew anything about that campaign promise right up to the present.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the way The Catholic Review discreetly waits until after the election to bring up truly important moral issues. Don’t want to take the slightest chance of getting an inquiry letter from the IRS!

The serious question for the time ahead is this: Will the Catholic hospitals have the guts to actually close, saying we flat out refuse to accommodate abortion? Or will they weasel out of it by forming “independent governing boards” so that the hospital is one step aside from its former Catholic affiliation, and the board will try to “uphold Catholic values” but will conform to Obama’s strident pro-abortion policies, saying “well, we have to obey the law, after all.”

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