Catechist Formation

Catechists are those who pass on their love for Jesus Christ through example, prayer, and teaching.  This requires a personal commitment to Jesus as God and Savior and is expressed through active participation in the Liturgy, personal prayer, moral living, and continued formation.

Our Mission:

To assist parishes as they facilitate the process of creating a culture of mature adult discipleship that is a living, fruitful and explicit profession of faith.   It is important to be mindful that  formation toward discipleship is essential.

Right now, the most economical option for formation is the Catechetical Institute.  A $300. yearly subscription allows the entire parish (and school) to take advantage of workshops.

There are currently 20 parishes/ schools signed on.  Feel free to contact us to see if you are registered on the site.

Below you will find a chart with links to a variety of institutions that offer ongoing formation.  Offerings include short courses, workshops, certificates, and degree programs.

We will continue to add options as more become available.

Formation Options

Links to a variety of helpful Conferences

*check websites for Covid updates