Support Parish Catechetical Leaders

We work to help parishes become and remain communities of disciples who are in love with Christ and the Church, and who share the Gospel — evangelize — as a natural consequence of their passion for their faith.

We support Lay Ecclesial Ministers in their formation and in their work. “Lay ecclesial minister” is not a specific title for a job description. This title encompasses those who might serve on staff for a pastorate as a pastoral associate, coordinator of youth ministry, director of faith formation or religious education, business manager, parish nurse, liturgist or musician, or in a myriad of other ways.

The bishops of the United States have described lay ecclesial ministers as those who have

  • Authorization of the hierarchy to serve publicly in the local Church
  • Leadership in a particular area of ministry
  • Close mutual collaboration with the pastoral ministry of bishops, priests, and deacons
  • Preparation and formation appropriate to the level of responsibilities that are assigned to them including; human, spiritual, pastoral, and theological dimensions

Our office seeks to make sure that authorization, leadership, collaboration and formation happens.

  • Mid-Atlantic Congress
  • Pastoral Staff Day
  • Developing Formation plans with Lay Ecclesial Ministers Working with competencies
  • Working with pastoral staffs for on-going formation