DREAM Act hurts citizenry


I must take issue with George Matysek’s article, “DREAM Act, a means of changing lives” (CR, March 22). There are many “undocumented” workers who have displaced our citizens from jobs in this tough economy because they will work for cheaper wages. It is a fact that jobs in the construction industry have disappeared because our politicians in Annapolis refuse to pass a simple law called “e-verify” that guarantees fair hiring practices. My husband was turned down for construction work not only due to the wage difference but also because he wasn’t fluent in Spanish. The DREAM Act exacerbates a serious problem.

The DREAM Act law will be struck down at the ballot box by the citizens of this state because it is an unjust one. No matter how this issue is spun, the reality is that citizens are being hurt by politicians seeking to curry favor with a new voting base.  I am a compassionate person but I do not believe that we should be encouraging illegal activity that continues to put citizens at a disadvantage in terms of jobs, access to higher education and tuition assistance.


Bernadette Zgorski


Catholic Review

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