Don’t know much geography: identifying U.S. states on shirts and tortilla chips

Our children’s interests and talents lie in so many different areas that I couldn’t begin to guess their future careers.
But after the news about the shirts in Walmart that mixed up the shapes of Maryland and Massachusetts, I’m figuring maybe they could consider going into T-shirt design. 
Just this past weekend we were eating at a Mexican restaurant where they have free chips and salsa.
And to pass the time while we waited for our meals to arrive, the boys started biting their chips into the shape of different states.

We managed to make Minnesota, Ohio, Maine, Virginia, and California—among others.

Our sons are 6 and 8 and they aren’t even taking geography in school yet, but there was never any confusion. And we were working in a rather finicky medium, tortilla chips.
I’m not saying either of them is ready to be president of the United States. And maybe they aren’t ready to run a big box store either. But I think they would at least be able to tell you that that’s Maryland and not Massachusetts on those shirts. So that must count for something.

Of course, they wouldn’t have picked out the shots of Iceland in that Rhode Island tourism video, so we still have some work to do. 
Please pass the chips.

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