Parents of Priests and Seminarians (PoPS)

When a man enters into formation for the Priesthood, it is not only a significant change for him.  It is also a change for his family.  A priest belongs to the Church, and in a special way, his parents, brothers and sisters – indeed, his whole family – experiences the joys and challenges that come with offering a life to God.

The Parents of Priests and Seminarians group is a family of families who share something in common: their sons are seminarians or priests.  Together, they find support and fellowship in a community of friends whose children are learning to be brothers to one another.  The group (known as PoPS), gathers in the springtime for Mass and a reception with the Archbishop, as well as at various other times throughout the year for prayer, fellowship and support.

If your son is considering becoming a priest, please do not consider it as “losing a son.” You are, in fact, gaining “PoPS”!