Parish Leadership Training

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Additional Information about training will be posted soon.

Pastoral Leadership Training sessions are broken into two specific areas. The Introductory Training will be segmented into Pastoral Council Members, Finance Committee Members, and Corporators. It is designed to assist members in understanding their new responsibilities as parish leaders and deals with the basic civil and canonical responsibilities for Corporators. While designed for new members, all are welcome. The Advanced Training is designed to help Corporators understand their oversight responsibilities in the specialized areas of Financial Matters, Facilities Information, and Human Resource. Training sessions are from 8:00am to 1:00pm. There is no cost to attend and breakfast will be provided.


It is recommended that the following parish members attend:

  • Pastor, Pastoral Life Director or Administrator (or Associate Pastor if Pastor is unable)
  • Pastoral Council Chair or Vice Chair (or member of Executive Committee if Chair cannot attend)
  • New members of the Pastoral Council
  • Finance Committee Chair or Vice Chair (or other representative from the Finance Committee)
  • 2 Lay Corporators (at least 1 Lay Corporator if both cannot attend)

Online Form – Advanced Corporator Training Registration