Awaiting the birth of our granddaughter: Reflections on the joy with a baby shower prayer



“A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”
—Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)


This Thanksgiving week-end has been filled with lots of family fun. One of the highlights was our baby shower yesterday for my daughter Meighan and her baby girl McKenna who is due to arrive on or near January 15.

Back in the ‘old days’ we did not know if we were having a boy or a girl—or sometimes even multiples for that matter… Today’s option to find out your baby’s gender in the womb leads to baby showers that are pink OR blue, not color-neutral, and oftentimes complete with the baby’s name.




Daughters Katie and Tracy and I held a very PINK event yesterday here in Bel Air with family, close friends, great food, and lots of fun and laughter.


Grandma with Aunt Katie and Aunt Tracy


Gifts galore!!

Meighan and baby McKenna were showered with so many amazing things. There were adorable girly outfits, tights, hats, and bows. Bibs and onesies and booties.

Four baby bathtubs… just to be certain that McKenna is squeaky clean at all times. Towels and washcloths, and every kind of ointment, soap, shampoo, and baby lotion that is available. Play centers, toys, and books. A mega-stroller/car seat combo set.

Did I mention diapers and wipes and specialty baby tissues? 

It is fascinating how many new and improved baby items have been invented in the past 25 or 30 years. There was the special baby monitor with video feed that pans around the room. The ‘breathable’ bumpers for the crib.  The safety items available to baby-proof your house. The “green” baby products. You name it, the baby stores have it in stock. I am not sure there is anything left for future generations to invent!!


Cupcakes by Aunt Katie

 Don’t miss the little duckies in the punch…

As I reflect on this exciting time in the life of my family, I am more aware than ever of the blessings that God has bestowed on all of us. This holiday season is filled with extra excitement and the anticipation of the birth that will follow in the weeks after when this beloved baby girl makes her way into the world. Assuredly, she has already made her way into our hearts.


Loving notes from shower guests in a keepsake book for baby McKenna 


My prayer for baby McKenna is fashioned from some of the gifts she received yesterday.

A Special Baby Shower Prayer:

Loving God, source of all goodness and blessings,
We praise You as we rejoice in the new life with which You have blessed our family.

Baby McKenna is already a cherished part of our hearts.
As we shower Meighan with gifts, may we recognize the prayers that accompany each one:

May all the outfits, hats, and booties bring warmth to baby McKenna as she brings delight to our family;

May she be clean and smell wonderful each day as she is bathed with love in her baby baths and cuddled in her new hooded towels;

May there be plenty of sunshine, blue skies, and fresh air as baby McKenna is taken for walks in her new stroller to see the wonders of Your creation;

May there be lots of curiosity and surprise as the new books are read and little toys are brought forth to pique baby McKenna’s imagination;

May she be safe from all harm as she uses her new car seat to accompany her parents on ventures to learn about the outside world.

May we all continue to rejoice in the very gift of sweet baby McKenna herself as we offer our thanks and praise to the One who bestows on us every blessing under the Heavens.

Keep her in Your loving care, O Lord, as we await with joy the day of her birth into this world and into our family.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

By Patti Murphy Dohn


BFFs since their high school days at John Carroll, we were delighted that Kaitlind was home from California to join us for Meighan’s shower. 


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