Arguments by Nussbaum are similar to segregationists

I am a member of St Matthew parish and a lifelong Catholic. I grew up in Macon, GA during the Jim Crow era.

When I read “Your News” in the Oct. 4 edition of the Catholic Review I was reminded of segregationist Georgia Governor Lester Maddox’s stand against integration. He believed segregation was justified in scripture and that a federal mandate to integrate schools was un-godly, un-Christian and un-American. He closed his restaurant rather than integrate.

The arguments set forth in “You News” by L. Martin Nussbaum are very similar to those of Maddox and other segregationists. I am glad that these arguments were not accepted by authorities and many other right minded people. I am saddened and angered that these same arguments are being used by Catholics and other Christians to deny marriage to homosexual couples.

Elaine Crawford

Baltimore, MD 21218


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