7 Quick Takes Friday

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I read that Lenten Fridays shouldn’t be a time for us to enjoy lobster and crab imperial, and I started feeling a little guilty.
The truth is that I love meatless Friday dinners. I think fish sticks are divine. I love pizza—even if it has spent most of its life in a freezer. And I’d take a can of salmon over a filet mignon any day. I enjoy my mother’s tuna casserole so much that my siblings named it “Rita’s casserole” when we were growing up. And I once wrote an ode to my mother’s salmon pie.
When I got married, I quickly learned that my husband didn’t think canned tuna or salmon should be incorporated into any recipe—and his sons feel the same way. If it were up to me, though, we would be having salmon pie. What are you eating tonight?
— 2 —
Congratulations to LaKasha Strickland, who won the copy of With an Open Heart by Lisa Murphy. Lisa will send you an autographed copy of the beautifully moving book about her son, Daniel. Thank you to all of you who commented on the blog and reached out by email. I love to hear from you. And thank you to Lisa for sharing your story and donating the copy of the book.
— 3 —
I was never good at seeing movies before I became a mother, and now I seem to be doomed only to watch trailers. Still, this is one film I am hoping to see in its entirety. It’s a pro-life documentary called The Drop Box, and it tells the story of 
 a pastor in South Korea who built a wooden “drop box” where people could safely leave their babies.
— 4 —
Today I am wearing a fake leopard coat. And leopard print shoes. And a furry panda hat we bought in Beijing. In my office my colleagues and I have been dressing up for Faux Fur Fridays during the month of February. Today is the last one.
My husband seems amused, but I’m not sure that he appreciates the leopard coat as much as our sons do. Last Thursday as I was setting aside my outfit for the next day—something I never do—I realized he was watching me.
“Is this some national thing?” he asked.
“Um, no,” I said. And I tried to explain the origins of Faux Fur Fridays. It’s a competition, you see, between our office and another office, and I don’t know what we’ll win, but it’s just such a great excuse for us to wear our fake fur. And I have realized I own quite a bit.
When I finished explaining, John looked at me blankly. “I don’t think it’s going to catch on,” he said.
Hmm. Maybe I’ll wait until later to tell him about the catwalk and the emcee.
— 5 — 
Someone stole our credit card number. When the person tried to spend $400 at Coach.com, the credit card company flagged it. They knew that I would never do such a thing. And, of course, I wouldn’t. I’ve never spent more than $40 on a bag to carry my wallet, Hot Wheels cars, and mismatched boys’ socks. So, why am I slightly offended that our credit card company didn’t think I would ever buy myself a trendy purse? After all, it could have been for Faux Fur Friday. 
— 6 — 
Why don’t I go to confession more often? Pessimistic flyers that we are, John and I always make it a priority to go when we are preparing to travel to China, but not that often otherwise. During Lent our local parishes are offering confession on Wednesday evenings, so I have no excuse. I went this Wednesday, and the time I spent talking with Jesus in the church afterwards was the highlight of my week. So why don’t I go more frequently?


— 7 — 
These two-ingredient cookies are delicious. Just think twice about the extra ingredients you add. Here’s the recipe. Our 3-year-old son was home sick today, and baking cookies was a perfect task for him. Not as perfect was my suggestion that he choose the extra ingredients. He picked marshmallows, chocolate chips, and M&Ms, which turned the cookies odd colors even before they went into the oven. I baked them the other day with chocolate chips, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Yum. We’ll be making them again, though probably without the marshmallows and M&Ms.


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