Important Issues

Volunteer Service

All volunteer members of the Parish Youth Ministry Planning Team as well as all regular volunteers in the youth ministry program should complete an Application for Volunteer Service. This includes but is not limited to; catechists, athletic coaches, scout leaders, drivers, and any adults attending an overnight event with young people. In short, any adult who has regular access to adolescents needs to complete this form.

Note that the Msgr. O’Dwyer Retreat House requires that all volunteer adult leaders on youth retreats have a volunteer application on file at the parish or school.

Note that all coaches in Archdiocesan Sports Programs must also attend the Coaches Orientation Meeting prior to beginning their second year of coaching in the program.

The person who will supervise the volunteer should meet with him/her to discuss the role that the volunteer will have in the program. A clear job description should be provided for every volunteer. Supervisors should help adult volunteers working with youth to be familiar with contact procedures in case of emergency and familiar with basic warning signs for at risk issues.


The preferred method of transportation to all youth ministry activities off of parish property would be bus. In a situation where that is not affordable, the youth ministry team may arrange for drivers. All drivers should be 21 years of age, be properly insured and have a good driving record.

All volunteer drivers need to complete the Archdiocesan Driving Record Check Consent Form. Under no circumstance is it acceptable for the parish/school to arrange for youth to drive other youth to an activity. If a parent allows a son or daughter to drive directly to an activity, the parent(s) should understand tha