Child and Youth Protection Policy Requirements for Employees

If you will be employed by the Archdiocese of Baltimore you must complete the following requirements through the archdiocesan parish, school, or institution:

Adult Employees

  • Archdiocesan Application for Employment (Español)
  • Interview conducted and documented to determine eligibility and suitability by covered entity
  • Three (3) professional references provided, checked, and documented at covered entity
  • References for employment with any previous archdiocesan parish, school, or institution
  • CJIS/Fingerprint Check


In addition to the requirements above, all adult employees must also complete the Child & Youth Protection requirements on our compliance management system, Shield the Vulnerable:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth
  • Code of Conduct for Church Personnel
  • Training regarding child abuse and the protection of children (Protect Children: STAND)

Minor Employees

Please note that these are just the Child and Youth Protection requirements for employees.  For other Archdiocesan employee requirements please visit the Human Resources web site.

General Information for Employees