Writer misses point of proportionality on right to life

James Connolly (CR, Dec. 11) believes abortion doesn’t necessarily trump every other issue in voting! Without supporting facts he says the one-issue approach has failed.

If he voted for President-elect Barack Obama only because he agrees with him on other issues, he needs a “proportionate reason” to do so. He must be so right on the other issues that it offsets his support for abortion. Arguably, with the possible exception of saving a mother’s life, I don’t believe there is any issue offsetting murder of the innocent in the womb. The right to life is the foremost right of all. Without it, all our other rights are meaningless.

It’s doubtful that our bishops in “Faithful Citizenship” intended to justify slaying of the unborn. But Mr. Connolly is correct in quoting their belief that “Decisions about political life are complex,” and require prudential judgment. The latter tells us that life trumps death and is a unique, one of a kind gift, from our Creator.

Catholic Review

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