Why the flip side of the coin?

It was with heartfelt anguish that I read the cartoon (CR, July 26).
Why is “the Catholic newspaper” of the Baltimore archdiocese poking fun at the holy sacrifice of the Mass? I found the cartoon reprehensible and not the message that that we should be giving to our Catholic readers young or old, Novus Ordo or Tridentine, especially in the light of previous editions of The Catholic Review that dealt with the Tridentine Mass in a deservedly more respectful and reverent way. I can’t help feel that the cartoon was, or if not, should be “out of character” for our Catholic newspaper. This sort of back door slamming is the flip side of the coin and can only cause further confusion and division among our members. In light of “motu proprio” we should be proud of the fact that we have already established the Traditional Latin Mass in Baltimore and by all means we should be promoting this fact. Many individuals that I talked to felt this same way about the cartoon and were just too disgusted to write to you about it.
We are living in an era where the Catholic Church is constantly under attack from all quarters throughout the world and at home. Instead of poking fun at our faith, I believe The Catholic Review should be taking heroic steps to publicly defend it.

Catholic Review

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