What’s on the cafeteria menu?

Concerned that your children aren’t getting enough healthy food choices in their cafeteria? Well, if Tommy Savvides’ company “Tommy’s” is making the food, parents have little to worry about.
The food Mr. Savvides and his staff prepare contains no Trans fats; they use only 12-grain bread and the food is never fried, even the burgers and fries are baked. He said it is very important to him to make sure the students are given the best, healthiest food possible.
“We are very careful about what we serve to the children,” said Mr. Savvides, who serves up lunch at Mount de Sales Academy, Catonsville; School of the Incarnation, Gambrills; St. John the Evangelist, Severna Park, and St. Mary, Annapolis. “Obesity is such a big issue today and it’s something we as operators and food servers need to address.”
Every day Tommy’s serves home-made soups and salads including chicken, tuna and egg, and for the safety of those who have allergies all of the food is peanut free. The trained staff and managers at each location observe Lent in each of their schools and Mr. Savvides visits each school every day to make sure the quality and service is up to par.
“We thrive on preparing fresh food every day and every school follows the same menu,” said Mr. Savvides.
The monthly menu for Tommy’s is posted on each school’s Web site at the beginning of the month with a different hot meal every day such as baked chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, baked potato bar and cheese raviolis with a side of salad or vegetables. When it comes to vegetables, Mr. Savvides wants the students to have as many as they would like so seconds and thirds are on the house.
“I think it’s important that we look after the children,” said Mr. Savvides, who said the breakfast and lunch menu and chicken finger meal are the most popular. “I get calls from parents asking how to make the macaroni and cheese or other recipes because the kids will eat it at school but not at home.”
Mr. Savvides said when making up the monthly menu he sits down with his managers to discuss what the students are asking for and what are the biggest sellers, in order to accommodate the students’ tastes. For the students’ convenience, they use a debit system where each student has an account number so they don’t have to worry about carrying around money.
“The students are provided with numerous healthy lunch choices at a very reasonable price,” said Courtney Gahagan, Director of Communications at Mount de Sales Academy. “The homemade chocolate chip cookies are a favorite of mine!”

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