What is the future of secondary education?

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is clearly winnowing away schools that are deemed untenable. Perhaps an unintended side effect will be that the remaining high schools, although financially blessed, will only be accessible by the wealthiest Catholics and some students with certain talents and needs. I fear that the majority of middle-class families will soon have no option to send their children to an area Catholic high school.

Each Catholic high school has its own personality, but the real power of our schools is the sum of the individual parts. The healthy competition among the schools in academic and athletic endeavors strengthens all involved. Has there been consideration of some level of revenue-sharing among the schools, so that affordable education can be offered to all Catholics who wish it? The Catholic Church reaches out to all people, regardless of their personal finances. We should be sending the right message to the young people who are the future of our church.

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