What do teachers do all summer?

This is the first summer in four years that language arts teacher Marilyn Donahue can concentrate better on two things – schoolwork and relaxation. The 14-year veteran of St. John the Evangelist School, Hydes, soon will head to Ocean City, where she can take pleasure in her newly renovated beach house. The past four summers were spent tearing down walls, rebuilding and painting the family townhouse on 58th Street, Ms. Donahue said.

“It’s pretty much done,” she said, “so I intend to get a lot of schoolwork done. I have a computer there.”

She will also spend time with her three sons.

Ms. Donahue said several other St. John teachers also own beach residences and others will spend the summer tutoring or traveling.

At St. William of York School, Baltimore, two teachers will get married this summer – to each other. Edward Culleiton and Heidi Mulvey will honeymoon in Ireland after a July 7 wedding, reported principal Noreen Heffner.

Her faculty, she said, are asking her “to hire someone they can marry next year!”

Other summer plans for her teachers include staffing St. William’s summer school, having a baby, attending grad school and working for a reading resource program for city schools.

“I have young teachers so many are going for their masters’,” said the principal.

During summer breaks, teachers seem to stay with what they know – education.
“None of us are flying helicopters or jumping out of airplanes,” said Jamie Carver, associate director of admissions, business teacher, head varsity lacrosse coach and director of summer development programs at The Cardinal Gibbons School, Baltimore. “We have to do whatever we can to support our habit of Catholic education.”

He reported a few summer activities for other faculty members, including running sports camps, organizing SAT preparation, and heading a study skills course. Some, he said, go fishing.

“Whether it’s coaching or tutoring, that’s what we are,” said Mr. Carver. “It’s still educating.”

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