Wedding favors run the creative gamut

The average wedding favor costs about $6, said Anne Berman, a special events and wedding planner in Baltimore. It doesn’t seem like much, but multiply that by 200 guests and it is a lot of money.

This is why many couples choose to get the most for their money when purchasing favors. Some couples give guests chocolate in a personalized wrapper. Others add a special touch with fresh-baked cookies wrapped in decorative paper.

Some couples, however, put a twist on the typical candy favors. One couple set up a “candy bar” for their guests, so as they were leaving they could fill bags of assorted candy to take home, said Ms. Berman.

“If it’s food it is always eaten,” said Ms. Berman.

Ms. Berman worked with one couple who gave their guests bobble head dolls of themselves in wedding attire. It was a difficult and expensive gift but the guests loved them, said Ms. Berman.

Personalized items are normally a hit with the guests. Ms. Berman suggests couples find a hobby or similar interest and go from there. One of Ms. Berman’s clients had an interest in wine, so as favors they gave each guest a small bottle of wine with a customized label.
Some couples give personalized CDs with their favorite love songs. A local boys’ choir sang at one couple’s wedding, and at the end of the evening the guests received a CD of the music the choir had sung, recalled Ms. Berman.

“Make sure the favor is something you think your guests will like and something they can use again,” said Ms. Berman.

One of Ms. Berman’s clever clients rented an old-fashioned photo booth. Even though it is a little pricey, the guests loved it and left with great pictures that will last a lifetime, said Ms. Berman.

Another popular and unique favor is giving money to charities instead of giving gifts.
“I think that’s a nice way to recognize the special event and let guests know the couple’s priorities,” said Heather Keating, president and owner of Planning for Perfection Weddings in Catonsville.

Some unique ideas from The are personalized packages of coffee, disposable cameras, fans for summer weddings, sparkling cider with personal labels and wine stoppers.

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