To my goddaughter on her baptism

Dear Baby Girl,
You won’t be able to understand this for a while, but you just had the most extraordinary experience—with oil and water and a candle and a white garment and the Holy Spirit.
Now you are baptized, a child of God.

You were so peaceful as the priest poured the water over your head. Your big sister was quiet, too. Your cousins—my sons—took pictures through the whole baptism. So your first sacrament is well-documented, and I know you’ll enjoy seeing their pictures when you are bigger.

I don’t remember my baptism, but I’ll always remember yours. And I wanted to tell you how blessed I feel to be your godmother. It’s a real job, you know, to help a child grow as a Christian and a Catholic. Good thing you have an outstanding godfather, too. I hope that I’ll be everything you need me to be. You deserve the best.

Today I have a few things I want to tell you:
God loves you. He loves you so much that He sent His only Son to die for you. And He loves you so much he created you.
I hope that for you life will be amazing and wonderful, full of beauty and joy. When life is difficult, though, remember that God is always with you. And know that you can always turn to me for help.

God also gave you a whole bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles and two wonderful parents and a big sister—and your big brother, Georgie, who’s up in heaven. He’s a special part of our family, and I know he will be your friend, too.
There is no one else on earth who can accomplish what God wants you to accomplish. We can’t wait to see what that is.
I am so excited to watch you grow and learn and come to realize that your favorite aunt is…well…Aunt Shai. Because she’s everyone’s favorite. But maybe I’ll be your second favorite. That would be fine, too.

Congratulations, little one, and welcome to our faith and our family. We love you so much already.

Aunt Rita

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