Therese Wilson Favors brought joy and creativity to the church


When I saw the article in the Catholic Review announcing Therese Wilson-Favors’ retirement, it brought wonderful memories for me. I met Therese when she was just a teenager. Even then, she was a catechist, a teacher, an evangelizer. She loved her Catholic faith, and she found ways to share it with joy and creativity and most importantly, to model it in her life and her interactions with people.

As she grew professionally she could be found bringing Bible school to the streets of Reservoir Hill surrounded by children, using materials she wrote herself to bring the good news to these children in their particular situation.

“Black” and “Catholic” were words that fit together easily. How good she was at telling the stories of African American Catholic history.  She was a popular speaker in parish programs. She would always have a story or saying from her African heritage to include.

Therese was truly a gift to the church of Baltimore.

Patricia Barbernitz


Catholic Review

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