Supporting abortion should be enough to disqualify politician

When is The Catholic Review going to stop publishing articles that pay lip service to the sanctity of life of our unborn brothers and sisters? The article (CR, Aug. 28) on Joe Biden, “Catholic may be heartbeat from the presidency,” is a prime example. It states that Biden is “a Catholic who supports legal abortion but on other issues has been an ally for the church’s public policy interest.”

Replace abortion with any of the following: child pornography and pedophilia; slavery; rape; murder; genocide. If any candidate supported the legalization of any of those, regardless of their positions on immigration, minimum wage, health care, and re-instituting an assault weapons ban, they would be considered unfit to serve. A candidate’s support of the annual slaughter of more than 1 million children in the U.S. and more than 40 million worldwide, however, isn’t enough to disqualify them. Why is that?

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Catholic Review

Catholic Review

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